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Credit goes to RP resident Colin Drane for making these crime mappings available.


Roland Park is a safe community but, like any city, residents need to use common sense. The Civic League Crime & Public Safety Committee works closely with the Baltimore City Police Department.

Baltimore City Police Web Site: http://www.baltimorepolice.org/.

Baltimore City Northern District Police Station
            2201 West Coldspring Lane
            Main Number: 410-396-2455
            Fax Number: 410-367-8492
            Detectives: 410-367-3105
            Community Relations: 410-367-8491

For safety tips and crime updates, please click here.

Community Relations Officers

Officer Jon Walter: jonathan.walter@baltimorepolice.org

Officer Doug Gibson: douglas.gibson@baltimorepolice.org


Baltimore City Crime Watch Program.

Baltimore City Crime Watch Application.

Baltimore City Youth Curfew Ordinance.

Northern District Community Council on measures to reduce gang involvement.