Organic Debris Pickup

Calendar  Sign up for May pick up is complete.  Please visit this page for program updates

At the April 2021 RPCL board meeting, the Finance Committee, in preparation for the new fiscal year which starts May 1, 2021, presented a compelling case that the organic debris pick up program as it currently exists is not financially sustainable.  The Board voted to temporarily suspend the program pending further review and with community input on the viability of the program going forward.  Our contractor has kindly agreed to do a pick up in May for those registering in April.  We thank our residents for their patience in this process as the RPCL Finance Committee and the officers and directors of the board uphold their fiduciary responsibility to our community.

For those who have paid their Civic League dues and their full maintenance fees, an organic debris removal program is available.

Roland Park organic debris collection is planned for the months of May, July, September and November and will be collected during the first two weeks of the month.

Submit your request for pickup online by the end of the month before. On the form you will indicate where you are placing your debris. If you cannot submit online, you can request pickup by calling the Roland Park office.

Each household is limited to a monthly pick-up of 2 cubic yards (roughly the size filling four large garbage bags.)

If you wish to place more than this, you can but, you will be required to pay a nominal rate of $45 per each additional 2 cubic yards exceeding the allowance.

In order to stay within the maintenance budget, pick-up is limited to the 4 months when residents most need the service

Debris must be in place by the first of the month. Debris must be in designated area at time of pickup (first of the month.)  If it is not there you will be charged a no-show fee and will forfeit your pickup for the month.

Piles intermingled with non-accepted materials will not be picked up (e.g., logs, stumps, fence posts, metal, etc).

In order for us to correct service errors, we need to know about them in a timely manner. And, thanks for being reasonable and polite when calling us!

Organic debris, when properly bagged, will always be picked up by the City on regular trash days.