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E-letters are communications between the team and Roland Park residents, and others, on the e-mail distribution list. There are over 1,000 subscribers to the list.  E-letters may cover any topics pertinent to our area and are sent out as needed, not on any predetermined schedule. Generally speaking, e-letters are authored by the sitting Civic League president or the web-site editor, though on occasion others may send out such communications through Generally speaking, this takes the form of including someone’s contribution as part of an already planned e-letter. In the case of the latter, inclusion is solely at the discretion of the web-site editor. Material must be pertinent to Roland Park or its immediate environs.

Event publicity is not the purpose of e-letters, though the editor may, at his sole discretion, include local events — for which copy has already been written and made available to — in the next intended e-letter. Commercial activities, particularly those in which the submitter has a stake, may not be publicized. One-off submissions will not in their own right be e-mailed to the community but will, rather, be included in the next planned e-mailing.

Same-day submissions will not be considered for e-mailing other than in the most extraordinary circumstances. In such situations, the subject matter must be of direct concern or benefit to the Roland Park community as a whole (for example, an emergency community-wide meeting). In no instance will a same-day submission for a third-party event be accepted (for example, an interesting but not directly Roland Park-related seminar), unless this happens to coincide with a pre-planned e-mailing.

Submissions should be short, generally no longer than 250 words. Candidly, anything longer than this is unlikely to be read as part of a text-only, plain e-mail. Please be advised that the e-mail system cannot accommodate attachments, graphics, tables or any other “frills.” It is a text-only system. All submissions are subject to editing.

If you are not on the e-letter distribution list, and would like to be, please visit the sign-up page.