Contacts and Addresses

Roland Park Civic League

To request an item be placed on the Board’s Monthly Agenda email: [email protected] this will reach the entire Board (Officers and All Plat Reps.)


Kristina Strakna, Office Manager 5115B Roland Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Hours: 10 am – 2 pm Monday through Friday Tel.: (410) 464-2525
E-mail: [email protected]

Officers      BIOS of Directors and Officers 2021-22

President                                   Claudia Diamond                  [email protected]
Vice President                        Tom Hoen                                 [email protected]
Second Vice President       Ed Goodlander                       [email protected]
Secretary                                David Fitzpatrick                 [email protected]
Treasurer                                 Dan Reck                                [email protected]

Plat Representatives 

Plat 1                               [email protected]      Alisya Shrum Davis, Ann-Barron Carneal
Plat 2                               [email protected]                  Steven Ralston
Plat 3                               [email protected]                  Ken Rice
Plat 4                               [email protected]                 Tim Hreha
Plat 5 City                    [email protected]         Andy Niazy
Plat 5 County             [email protected] Rachel Dawson
Plat 6                               [email protected]                David Blumberg

At Large Representatives

At Large “A”                 [email protected]          Raman Tallamraju
At Large “B”                 [email protected]          Cara Shea Kohler
At Large “C”                 [email protected]          Veida McCampbell
At Large “D”                 [email protected]          Martha Holleman
At Large “E”                 [email protected]           Rita Walters

Roland Park Community Foundation

President – Mary Page Michel       [email protected]
Officers and Trustees
Office Manager  foundationof[email protected]
P.O. Box 16214 Baltimore, MD 21210
Tel: 410-464-2533

Roland Park Roads & Maintenance


President                                   John Morrel           [email protected]
Vice President                                     TBD                [email protected]
Secretary                                    Kirsten Johnson   [email protected]

Plat Representatives

Plat 1                          [email protected]               Mike Ward, David Soderblom
Plat 2                           [email protected]               Claire McLaurin
Plat 3                           [email protected]               Rich Holzman
Plat 4                          [email protected]              Matthew Morgan
Plat 5                          [email protected]               Kirsten Johnson
Plat 6                          [email protected]               John Morrel, Scott Veith
At Large                    [email protected]                Pat Ward


Anne Stuzin, Communications Lead E-letter, Social Media, Website Content E-mail:[email protected]

Roland Park News

Martha Marani — Roland Park News Editor [email protected]

Web Site 

Keith Couch, Webmaster E-mail: [email protected]