Dues and Fees

As an all-volunteer organization, the Roland Park Civic League relies heavily on community participation and support, both in paying your dues to run the community association and donating your time and talent. We use dues money to sponsor various events such as the Annual Meeting, the Ciclovia, the Shop Local for Christmas initiative, and the Fourth of July Parade. The Civic League makes charitable contributions for community-based initiatives such as the Roland Park Elementary/Middle School Annual Fund, the Roland Park Baseball League and others. When specific skills are not available through our community volunteers, the Civic League hires outside professionals to advise our Board and Committees. An example of this was when we hired a consultant to advise the Cycle Track Committee on the options for redesigning the Roland Avenue Cycle Track. Our operating expenses include the cost to employ a part-time office manager, to rent an office, and to cover equipment, utilities and supplies. Occasionally we pay to print and mail community-wide notices. Your dues will help us make this Baltimore’s best neighborhood in which to live, learn, work and play.

Civic League Dues

  • Regular Members: The Civic League charges Regular membership dues of $40 to individuals eighteen (18) years of age or older who reside or own real estate in Plats 1-6 of Roland Park. Each Regular membership entitles a household to one vote.
  • Associate Members: Associate memberships can be purchased for each additional adult eighteen (18) years or older in the family. Each Associate membership costs $10 and is entitled to one additional vote.

Roads & Maintenance Fees

  • Full Service Fee (Recommended): At eight times the required Basic Fee, the Full Service fee reflects the cost of current expenses. The fee covers the maintenance of alleys (snow removal only), paths, islands and small parks. Maintenance service includes routine trimming along paths, mowing and general care, plantings, diseased tree removal on common land, and repairs and improvements to common property.  All residents benefit from services funded by the full service fee, and all are encouraged to participate at this level.
  • Basic Fee (Required): This is the “maintenance tax” set by the Roland Park Company at the turn of the century. This fee is specified in all original deeds and is required of all property owners in perpituity.  In Plat 1 the fee is based on the front footage of the lot. In Plats 2-6 the fee is based on square footage due to higher maintenance costs in those plats. This fee has remained unchanged since its inception and is not adequate to meet our modern day expenses.
  • Delinquent Fee: Basic Fees not paid from prior years are deemed to be delinquent. Roads and Maintenance generally files a lien on properties if fees are delinquent for more than two years.

Pay Civic League Membership Dues

Basic dues – 1 adult ($40)

Family dues – 2 adults ($50)

Consider Making An Additional Contribution to Civic League

Contribute $100

Contribute $200

Contribute $500

Pay Roads & Maintenance Fees

Account # (from invoice)

Pay Basic Service Fee

Account # (from invoice)

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July 4th Parade 2016 Gallery

We were lucky this year that the rain held off until after everyone who wanted to get soaked went under the hose!

Thanks to the crew of Baltimore City Fire Department Engine 44 for bringing the fun.

Thanks to those who organized the event on behalf of the Roland Park Civic League, including Nigel Sequeira and Patti Ephriam.

Thanks to the elected officials who took part, including Delegate Sandy Rosenberg and Council President Jack Young.

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for including the Roland Park festivities in their roundup article.

Thanks to Beth Hayes for all of these photos.


July_4_Parade_2016 (8)

July_4_Parade_2016 (6)

July_4_Parade_2016 (5)

July_4_Parade_2016 (9)

July_4_Parade_2016 (4)

July_4_Parade_2016 (3)


July_4_Parade_2016 (2)

July_4_Parade_2016 (1)


4th of July Parade in Roland Park


Come celebrate the 4th of July at the Annual Roland Park Parade, from 10-12 on Monday, July 4.  The parade will start in front of the library with a reading of the Declaration of Independence and some words from our elected officials.  Then we will parade down Roland Avenue behind the local fire truck to the intersection at Upland Road.  There will be ice pops and water for everyone, and the firetrucks might even hook up a  hose to the hydrant to spray us all.  The Roland Park Presbyterian Church will open its doors to offer us bathrooms and air conditioning for those who need to cool down.  Their children’s group will be selling drinks and snacks.  Please join us in your red, white and blue regalia and decorate your bikes, strollers and dogs!

Please send your favorite snapshots from the event to [email protected] so we can commemorate the event on our website.

wagon 4th

July 4th

July 4th parade