Message on Public Safety – July 2016

Dear Fellow Roland Park Community Members- as I am sure all of you are aware, our community has experienced some violent crimes in recent weeks. Indeed, I can only imagine the shock that Molly Macauley’s family, friends, and colleagues are still going through. Obviously, these events are unusual in this safe community we know and love, which has caused me – and many of you – some serious concern and to question what we could and should do to enhance our public safety. To that end, I plan on dedicating our next scheduled RPCL board meeting [Wednesday, 9/7/16, 7PM, RP Presbyterian Church, 4801 Roland Avenue] to discuss and define the problem and options.

I invite you to join us, as we, the board, need to capture all perspectives on this important issue.

At present, we are working on gathering information to define the problem and options; the former to include Police reach-out on crime statistics and trends, and the latter, for instance, on investigating additional actions we may take, such as hired security or citizens’ patrols. Just recently, at a Northern District Police event, I connected with Homeland’s citizens’ patrol leader, and I will be connecting with Guilford leaders to learn more about their community-paid security service. I realize some of these topics have arisen in the past, and while we need to learn from that past, we also must address our current situation.

Finally, although this has been a truly awful time, I now have the benefit of firsthand knowing that our Police, led by Major Gibson, are there for us and will do everything in their power to secure our safety and work with us. For that, I am very thankful. I hope to see you in early September. In the meantime, please feel free to contact your RPCL Plat representative (contact information here), be safe, and look after your neighbors.

Thank you….Ian MacFarlane, RPCL president

July 4th Parade 2016 Gallery

We were lucky this year that the rain held off until after everyone who wanted to get soaked went under the hose!

Thanks to the crew of Baltimore City Fire Department Engine 44 for bringing the fun.

Thanks to those who organized the event on behalf of the Roland Park Civic League, including Nigel Sequeira and Patti Ephriam.

Thanks to the elected officials who took part, including Delegate Sandy Rosenberg and Council President Jack Young.

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for including the Roland Park festivities in their roundup article.

Thanks to Beth Hayes for all of these photos.


July_4_Parade_2016 (8)

July_4_Parade_2016 (6)

July_4_Parade_2016 (5)

July_4_Parade_2016 (9)

July_4_Parade_2016 (4)

July_4_Parade_2016 (3)


July_4_Parade_2016 (2)

July_4_Parade_2016 (1)


Roland Park Footpaths featured in City Paper’s Walking Issue

This week, City Paper published The Walking issue, featuring stories about walking in Baltimore.

The features include a story about Roland Park’s footpaths.  Enjoy a walk this weekend!


Review the draft Stony Run Strategic Plan

Should you wish to download the DRAFT Plan and save it to your computer (ideal page display view is as a two-page spread, with cover page showing), there is both a high resolution and low resolution version available. Additionally, a separate PDF packet of the map exhibits are provided. 
Comments should be provided using the Draft Comments forum, and should be provided by June 30, 2016.
In reviewing this draft, please note the following:
1. Because of limited resources, the website, combined with the public meetings, walking tours, and online surveys, had been the primary source of stakeholder input. Focus group discussions with individual community associations, advocacy groups, etc. were not feasible. Review of this draft is the opportunity to comment on the recommendations and provide any necessary clarifications on background information that may be incorrect or additions of information/current initiatives that need to be included.
2. Final formatting is not complete and some introductory text and implementation text needs to be developed. You will also notice that some photos are missing or low-quality. This will be addressed.
3. Some stakeholders have commented on some of the recommendations and suggested changes following the May 23rd summary presentation but  prior to the posting of this draft. To be fair to the process and to all stakeholders who have participated, we have kept the content of the draft consistent with the presentation; however, the draft provides further detail for each recommendation. Any changes to the content will be made following the review of this draft.
4. Please consider individual recommendations in context with the entire plan and planning process.
We appreciate your input, participation in this process and commitment to Stony Run.
Mary Page Michel — President
Roland Park Community Foundation

Ciclovia 2016 cycles on through the rain

Well, we did it! Baltimore’s Ciclovia trajectory is back in motion.

There were occasional squalls and the sun almost poked through at about 2PM. One needed a jacket. Undaunted, at least 500 of us enjoyed the afternoon together. In the end, pure fun trumped the bad weather.

Thanks to the Police Dept. and Dept. of Transportation for making it safe for all of us. Thanks to our Baltimore Councilwomen Mary Pat Clarke and Sharon Green Middleton for joining us. Thanks to Caitlin Doolin and her DoT team for demo-ing the new electric bikes soon to be available to share throughout the City.Thanks to Joe Traill and Katie Gore for fixing innumerable bikes under the Joe’s Bike Shop tent. Thanks to Suzanne Frasier for updating the masses on the Roland Water Tower restoration project.

Above all, thanks to the merry band of volunteers who served one-hour shifts all up and down the three-mile course: Michael Marren, Charlie Wright, France Warner, Mary Magenta, Patrick Atwood, Dan Zywan, Megan Griffith, Tom McGilloway, Kate Kreamer, Evie Hersperger, Mary Page Michel, Richard Truelove, Caroline Wayner, Kathleen Talty, Liliana Manfredi, Chris Cortright, Andrea De Leon, Connor Cortright, Carson Cortright, Lydia Wilson, Kevin Kenny, Ellie Kenny, Chris McSherry and Elizabeth Leik.

It was a pleasure working with you all.

Shall we do it again? Send me your feedback and comments and I’ll pass them on.

Cheers to all of you and congratulations for making Ciclovia VI a great event.

Mike McQuestion

Cycle Track Documents 2015

The cycle track presentation from the public meeting earlier in 2015 can be found here: Cycle Track Presentation 2015

A letter from Baltimore City Department of Transportation in response to questions at the November 4th meeting can be found here: Cycle Track DOT Response letter November 2015

Baltimore Broadband Campaign

There is a monopoly for faster Internet service in Baltimore. Cost and speed and lack of choice motivates this citywide campaign supported by the Roland Park Civic League. The campaign goal is the deployment of fast fiberoptic technology as has already occurred in many other cities. An adequate fiber network can then allow competition for the provision of Internet services. Backing the campaign does not commit you to purchasing any service but shows by our numbers, that there are sufficient residents who want choice in their Internet providers.

Take the broadband survey, click here
Join the campaign, click here
Learn more about the campaign and see survey results to date, click here

Follow us on Twitter

For more information, read the Baltimore Sun Commentary about the campaign
The message is “Bring Competition for Internet Services to Baltimore – Stop Paying More for Less”
If you prefer to join by mail please send a check to the Baltimore Broadband Campaign and along with your check, provide your name, address, email, phone number to: RPCL Office, 5115B Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210. A minimum contribution of $10 is required to back the campaign but additional contributions are appreciated.

If any trouble enrolling, ask for help at