Roland Park Autumn Tree Planting Update

The Autumn 2019 tree planting in Roland Park has been completed. During the spring planting period, more than sixty (60 shade and flowering ornamental trees were planted throughout Roland Park. Another thirteen (13) shade trees were planted on Monday November 18th by the Landscape Committee and K&C Groundworks. This group of thirteen included Red Maples, Princeton Elms, Black Gum and Hackberry.

The City was also busy planting trees in Roland Park during this season. Twelve (12) new Black Gum trees were planted on the grassy median of Cold Spring Lane between Roland Avenue and Falls Road. Seven (7) Yellowwood trees were planted on Hillside, as you approachthe intersection with Falls Road.

To give you a more in depth view of progress made by the Landscape Committee over the past few years, not only have we been busy planting trees one at a time along the verge, to fill in spots were trees were missing but long lengths of open zones along our side streets were planted in tandem to increase the tree canopy and improve visuals as you drive through Roland Park.

A few examples:

More than six (6) new trees, maples and oaks, have been planted along Oakdale Road, as you head towards Stony Run Park. Another three (3) Red Maples were planted today at the intersection of Oakdale and Hawthorne. Next fall, as these oaks and maples experience their leaf color change, look for glorious sweeps of color as you drive or walk towards Stony Run Park.

Do you frequently drive along Club Road towards Roland? In the spring, look for the pink blooming Redbud and Cherry trees that were planted this year along the Club Road edge of the Roland Park Condominiums. Three (3) new trees were planted for our friends at the Roland Park Mennonite Church earlier this year.

Twelve (12) new Black Gum trees along the Cold Spring Lane median will blaze with the brightest fall foliage in the area next fall. The seven (7) new Yellowwood trees, planted along the north side verge on Hillside will bloom this spring with a cascade of pure white flowers before attractive bright green leaves emerge. Come fall the leaves turn a bright yellow before falling. They will complement the Black Gum, Red Maple and American Hornbeam planted earlier on the west side verge.

It is not too late to place a special request for a tree planting this spring. The order is being prepared, additional oaks, maples, elms and several varieties of flowering ornamentals will be available for planting in May. I’m taking specials requests through the first week of December, or you can wait to peruse the selection when they arrive in late April.

Contact Kate Culotta for details on upcoming tree orders and plantings.

410 804-4750

[photos: K&C crews plant red maples at Hawthorne & Oakdale; new Black Gum trees on Cold Spring Lane; new Yellowwood trees on Hillside}


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