Trees still available for Roland Park Residents – UPDATE

UPDATE 11/15/2017:

Additional trees looking for new homes, to be  planted on personal property. If you are a resident who pays full fees, you are eligible for a new tree.  Not only is the tree free but we’ll plant it for you. The remaining trees available for planting this fall are listed below.  Please see this file for full descriptions and photos.  All of these trees need a sunny location on personal property.

[2 quantity] Nuttall Oaks

[2 quantity] Chinquapin Oaks

[1 quantity] White Oak

[1 quantity] Sweet Birch

I am also taking requests for trees during the 2018 planting season.  Please contact Kate Culotta

For more details. or

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Thank You Roland Park residents for your generous turn-out for new trees in Roland Park.

Those of you who requested ornamental trees should have had trees delivered Saturday October 21, 2017  along with stakes and twine.  Tree Descriptions and planting instructions were emailed.  Please let Kate Culotta ( know if you did not receive the email or unable to open the PDF.

Thank you to those who requested street shade trees.  Tree planting by K&C Groundworks was completed on Wednesday the 25th.  The new trees look great.

There are a couple more tree still available via our program for a new home.

Betula lenta [Sweet Birch or Cherry Birch]  

Two beautiful Sweet Birches are available.

Medium sized, long living shade tree.  Native to Maryland.    Bark is dark and shiny.  Mature trees may shed bark in horizontal strips.  Sweet Birch trees are source of flavoring for Birch Beer and can be tap for sap like a Sugar Maple.  Twigs give off a sweet wintergreen smell when up close or when crushed.  Leaves are oval and serrated along the edges.  Flowers in April-May with long yellow catkins that hang down before leaves appear in the spring.  Fall foliage is bright yellow.  Considered one of the better fall colors among Birches .  Best in well-drained  soil in sun to part shade.



Quercus alba  (White Oak)

I also have 2 White Oaks.  These are some of the largest trees in Roland Park when mature, but it will be many decades before they reach full size.  I’m looking for a sunny spot on personal property (not in the verge) with room to grow.

A lovely slow growing shade tree that can grow to very large size.  50’-80’ Tall x 50-80’ wide with a wide spreading rounded crown.  The White Oak is a great candidate for a shade tree, best planted within your property rather than in the verge..  It is drought, clay and poor soil tolerant, once established.  Yellow-green catkin flowers emerge shortly after leaves in the spring.  Acorns develop mid-summer (3/4”) and serve as important wild life food source.  Leaves are dark green 4-9” long with deeply rounded lobes.  Fall color is dark red to brown.  “Alba” refers to its light ash grey bark.  2 qty 15 Gal.


I also have one Chinquapin Oak Tree.  It is a lovely Oak with  small, sweet and edible acorns.  I have only one and it is currently a small sapling.  Best planted in a sunny spot on personal property.

Please contact Kate Culotta to reserve your tree.

Also, if you’re interested in a free fruit tree for your yard.  TreeBaltimore is offering a free fruit tree give away Saturday October 28 10 am – 2 pm at the Rawlings Conservatory at Druid Hill Park.