Update on Rezoning and Baltimore Country Club – Oct. 2

Roland Park Civic League First Vice President Chris McSherry writes with this update:

“Dear Neighbors,

Many thanks to everyone who has supported the Civic League in trying to get the land at BCC zoned like the area surrounding it.  The Civic League and the Community Foundation made a presentation to the  City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee last Wednesday, September 28 about why we have asked for the R-1-C or R-1-D zoning for that parcel.  We explained that we have been advocating for the lower density since 2010 and have never agreed to anything else.  We also explained that we are not trying to devalue the land, only to protect it for future generations should it ever be developed.  BCC also make a presentation about why they want it to be the denser R-1-E. Their basic argument is that the new zoning code doesn’t allow for as much density as the old zoning code and they don’t want to limited in their development potential. Special thanks to the 32 neighbors who attended the hearing in support of the Civic League, some of whom even testified very forcefully.  We know that our Councilwomen Sharon Middleton and Mary Pat Clarke will support us on this amendment, and we believe that several other members of the committee also support us.

Thank you to all of you who have written to the City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee about the zoning of the BCC property at 4712 Club Road.  If you haven’t written or called them yet, please do so.  The contact information and details on the issue at hand have been repeated below from our last e-letter. We  have learned that the vote in the committee will not occur this Wednesday, October 5, but rather will be at a later meeting, so there is still time to ask the committee to support the R-1-C or D zoning for the land.  The bill will have to go to the entire City Council before it is final and that is not likely to happen until November, so please keep those calls and letters coming to the members of the committee.


Please email or call your City Council representative – Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton or Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke – today.  Thank her for consistently standing with the Roland Park community, and ask her to please do it again.

Sharon.Middleton@BaltimoreCity.gov  410-396-4832
MaryPat.Clarke@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4814

In Baltimore City Land Use decisions, the other members of the City Council vote in support of the City Council person who represents the area in question.  Please also emailor call the other City Council members on the Land Use Committee and thank them for supporting Councilwoman Middleton and respecting “councilperson courtesy” in deciding what is best in her district.

CouncilPresident@BaltimoreCity.gov 410-396-4804
Edward.Reisinger@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4822
James.Kraft@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4821
Warren.Branch@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4829
Bill.Henry@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4830
Nick.Mosby@baltimorecity.gov 410-396-4810

In order to preserve and protect the unique historic character of Roland Park, it’s vital that we ask our elected City Council Representatives today to:

1.    Reject BCC’s demand for R-1-E zoning and support the RPCL’s request for R-1-C or R-1-D zoning on the land.
2.    Remember that Roland Park has one of the highest tax bases in the City and that we cannot afford to have our properties devalued by inconsistent zoning.
3.    Remember that we are trying to preserve the integrity of our neighborhood.  By voting for (on behalf of) the Roland Park community they are sending a strong message that City neighborhoods matter.”