Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is responsible for the overall care of the green spaces and the pathways throughout Roland Park. This includes caring for all the medians, islands and parks within the community, and all the trees, shrubs and plants in those green spaces. It also includes all the paths, railings and path signs that crisscross Roland Park. The Maintenance Committee coordinates with the Landscape Committee of the Roland Park Community Foundation so all new installations are planned with a comprehensive design in mind and are incorporated into the regular maintenance program.

Their work includes bidding and hiring of contractors to undertake a variety of tasks, such as plowing snow, mowing grass, pruning trees, path repairs and organic debris removal. They oversee a seasonal maintenance schedule for all paths, medians, islands and parks within Roland Park. They take on larger projects as needed, overseeing design, bidding and construction. Examples of larger projects are the stone bridge and railings on St. Margaret’s Path, replacing 100 feet of concrete walk on Hilltop Path, erosion control on Laurel Path and the ongoing replacement of the path signs. Each one of these projects cost thousands of dollars and many hours of volunteer time.

The bulk of the Maintenance Committee’s budget is used for seasonal maintenance and organic debris pickup, but our community infrastructure is roughly 100 years old and sections require repair and replacement regularly. Although the committee is staffed by volunteers, the work noted above is funded by the Roads and Maintenance fees assessed on each house. In order to continue to provide these services, the volunteers on the Maintenance Committee ask that every house pay their Requested Fee (10x the Required Fee).


Andrew Marani
Chris McSherry
Barbara Scott
Tom Carlson