2024 Annual Meeting of the Civic League is Tuesday, May 14th at 6:30pm (in-person only)!

The annual meeting will take place at the Roland Park Presbyterian Church at 4801 Roland Avenue and is an in-person meeting only. The bios of nominees who are new to the board or who are being elected to a new role are available here. In addition to electing our new Board Members, the Board will review this year’s accomplishments and present the Bill and Vivienne Wilson Award.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Civic League Slate of Nominees for Election May 14, 2024


  • Officers (One Year Term)
    • President – Thomas Hoen**
    • First Vice President – David Fitzpatrick
    • Second Vice President – Christopher Cortright**
    • Secretary – Cara Shea Kohler**
    • Treasurer – Dan Reck
  • Plat Representatives (Three Year Term)
    • Plat 1 Representative – Sarah Johnson*
    • Plat 5 City Representative – Adler Archer*
    • At-Large A Representative – Ted Engelke*
    • At-Large B Representative – Jacob Klein*
    • At-Large C Representative – Iva Turner*


  • Plat 1 Representative Alisya Shrum Davis
  • Plat 2 Representative Steven Ralston
  • Plat 3 Representative Ken Rice
  • Plat 4 Representative Tim Hreha
  • Plat 5 County Representative Veida Horn
  • Plat 6 Representative Patrick Terranova
  • At-Large D Representative Madeleine Driscoll
  • At-Large E Representative Jen Viglucci

*New to RPCL Board

**Existing Board Member in new role