Discussion Concerning Temporary Signs

From Hap Cooper, President Roland Park Civic League

I would like to personally apologize if the recent Roland Park News conveyed to you the impression that we wish to interfere with your First Amendment right to free expression. We support and encourage respectful dialogue without exception. In fact, we ourselves planted a temporary sign welcoming people of all backgrounds to our community that still sits next to the permanent “Welcome to Roland Park” sign on University Parkway.

An attorney and resident of our community formally requested that the Civic League circulate the Baltimore zoning laws prohibiting long-term use of temporary signs. We failed to anticipate that doing so could be interpreted as opposition to the content of many of these signs. For that, again, we are truly sorry.

I spoke with Baltimore City Solicitor Andre Davis this morning and confirmed that signs containing political opinions may stay up indefinitely. So we would like to publicly encourage our community to continue to express themselves in ways that promote awareness and discussion–especially relating to tolerance and inclusivity.

Tomorrow night (12/6) at 7:00p, we will be conducting our regular monthly community meeting at the North Baltimore Mennonite Church at 4615 Roland Avenue. Feel free to attend to express your views.

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