Roland Avenue Update – April 24, 2019

Dear neighbors,

As most of you are aware, a contractor for DOT has scheduled their work implementing the Mayor’s directive regarding Roland Avenue to begin next week. Based on some of the markings, we are pleased to see that DOT is taking the opportunity to add back some crosswalks that have been missing, most notably at Kenwood and Club Roads. As we wrote to the RPCL Board yesterday, our understanding is that the city assigns work to outside contractors for the majority of DOT projects. These contractors set their schedules based on the scope of work, and there is a fairly tight construction season schedule which primarily runs during the Spring and Summer. This season is particularly busy due to the repeated freeze/thaw cycles this past winter.

Recall that the mayor’s statement, in addition to removing an unsafe design as soon as possible, was to also work with communities throughout the city to design and install good bike facilities reflecting best practices. This is also consistent with our own Master Plan. It appears this work will need to be done sequentially, not concurrently.

The Executive Committee met Monday evening to set the agenda for our upcoming annual meeting in May. There was broad agreement that we are presented with a great opportunity for our community to heal and come together, working collaboratively and cooperatively with each other and with DOT on best practice solutions that meet safety guidelines. We plan to announce at the Annual Meeting a new Safe Cycling subcommittee of the Master Plan Committee for residents to participate in this important next step in moving our community forward. Once a resident steps up to take on the role of chair of this new committee, we will publish an email contact for residents to inquire about joining and get this work started, preferably early this summer.


The Executive Committee of RPCL

Bob Connors, President

Chris McSherry, 1st VP

Anne Stuzin, 2nd VP

Jen Viglucci, Treasurer

Blair Storzer, Secretary