Roland Park residents: Free trees are now available for planting

Through a joint program Between the RP Community Foundation’s Landscape Committee and Baltimore Department of Forestry, a selection of shade and ornamental trees have arrived.

Medium-large trees for planting along the verge or streetscape:

Red Maples (straight species and hybrid Autumn Flame)

Oaks (Overcup Oak & Southern Red Oak)

American Elm (Princeton species)

Black Gum/Tupelo tree

Gingko Biloba (Autumn Gold-fruitless)

American Hornbeam (prefers a shady location)


Small-medium flowering & ornamental trees for personal property:

Serviceberry (single stem Shadblow, white spring flower and purple berry)

Redbud (deep pink spring flower)

White Fringe (white early summer flower)

Dogwood (pink & white varieties)

Carolina Silverbell  (Spring white flower)

Sweetbay Magnolia (white flower with lemony fragrance May-June)

Crabapple (flowering Prairie Flame- bright pink spring flower)

Yoshino Cherry (pale pink early spring flower)


To be eligible for a free tree:

  • you must be a Roland Park Civic League member and up-to-date on dues With Roads & Maintenance.
  • Agree to care for and deeply water the tree for first 2 years until established.
  • Keep tree mulched and free from weeds and debris.
  • Protect from deer browsing damage if applicable.
  • If you pay full R&M dues- 8X basic rate, you may have 1 tree planted for free each year you pay full dues.
  • If you pay only the basic R&M dues, you will be responsible for planting the tree.


Please contact Kate Culotta:;  410-804-4750

Quantities are limited and available on first come basis.  Planting sites need to be approved before planting.

Baltimore Department of Forestry does track the trees and your address will go into a Department of Forestry database.