Roland Park Tree Program 2019

The trees planted along the verge and other areas of public green space in Roland Park are Baltimore City property and
maintained by the City Department of Forestry. Residents are encouraged to water and care for trees planted in front of
their homes in the verge area. When a resident notices a dead tree in the verge area, call the City 311 system and
report the tree, using the address of the closest house. The caller will be given a confirmation number which the
homeowner should record. A staff member from the Department of Forestry will inspect the tree and make one of
several available decisions. Do nothing, believing the tree is in good or fair condition; schedule pruning if tree is in fair
condition with just a couple dead or broken limbs; post a removal notice if the tree is dead or declining beyond the point
of return or poses a risk or hazard. The City division that handles tree removals is overworked, the same department
also handles tree emergencies due to weather, storms and traffic accidents. Removal or pruning will take at least thirty
days and possibly months. Once the tree is removed, it will be several months before the stump grinding team returns
to remove the stump.

Residents who have a dead tree in their verge area and feel a sense of urgency can speed up the process by assuming
the cost of the tree removal themselves. First the tree must be reported to 311 and be given a confirmation number.
You can then contact the Department of Forestry and ask for an inspection and permit to remove. If and only if the
inspector approves the tree removal, a written permit will be sent directly to the licensed tree removal company of your
choice. The tree can only be removed after the permit has been received. The cost of removal and stump grinding is the
responsibility of the homeowner. You will not be reimbursed by the City.

The Roland Park Community Foundation Landscape Committee is available to help resident’s obtain free trees for
planting in the verge or on personal property. The committee will provide guidance on selecting the tree and identifying
the proper spot for planting. The homeowner assumes responsibility for care, including deep watering each week for
the first two years, keeping the root ball mulched and free of trash. Protecting the tree from deer damage if necessary.
Once established, the tree should provide years of beauty, shade and hospitality to birds, beneficial insects and wild life.
Residents can contact the Community Foundation Landscape Committee by email with requests for a free tree.

  • Those residents who pay full Roland Park Roads & Maintenance fees (10X basic) and are current with Civic
    League dues can have one (1) tree per year planted at no cost either on the verge (between the curb and
    sidewalk) or on their property.
  • Residents who continue to regularly pay full fees can request a free tree each year they pay full fees.
  • Those residents who pay the basic fee may have a free tree delivered and make their own arrangements for
  • The trees are obtained through a program with Baltimore City Department of Forestry and two (2) orders are
    placed per year, each spring and fall. Requests for trees can be emailed to the committee any time of the year
    and will be ordered on the following planting order.
  • Several varieties of trees, both large shade trees and smaller flowering or fruit ornamentals, will be available to
    residents this spring through the Roland Park Tree Program. Selections include maples, oaks, elms, dogwoods,
    flowering cherry and other native species.
  • Tree availability will be announced via Roland Park list-serve and Roland Park website later
    this spring once trees arrive. Inquiries can be made to or Kate Culotta
  • Roughly 50 new trees are planted with this program in Roland Park every year.

Residents can also request a free tree to be planted by Baltimore City in the verge area around their house. Please refer
to the Baltimore City website  for the link to download the form that needs to be completed. This program is only for trees planted in the verge. Once the completed form is received, it goes into a queue and will be fulfilled during the next planting season. It is possible that you may wait several months for the City to plant the requested tree. Free tree saplings that are easy for homeowners to plant are available through the City’s TreeBaltimore program. Information can be found by using the link on the website listed above or by googling .