The September Socials Are Coming!

The Roland Park Civic League is excited to announce the first annual September Socials!

Outdoor gatherings will take place in each of the six Roland Park plats, all hosted by Civic League board members!  Join your neighbors and friends and toast the spirit of our community!  Here is the schedule of socials by plat:

Plat 1: 9/12, 5-7pm.  Hosted by Ann-Barron Carneal, 4717 Keswick Road.

Plat 1: 9/19 2-4pm. Hosted by Mary Kay Battafarano and Margaret Black, 4511 Roland Avenue.

Plat 2: 9/25 5-7pm. Hosted by Steve Ralston, 203 Goodwood Gardens

Plat 3: 9/26 3-5pm. Hosted by Ken Rice, 6 Longwood Road

Plat 4: 9/19 2-4pm: Hosted by Bobby Marinelli, 4328 Roland Court

Plats 5 City/County: 9/12 3-5pm: Hosted by Andy Niazy, in Centennial Park

Plat 6: 9/25 2-4pm: Hosted by David Blumberg, 5405 Falls Road Terrace

Join Us!

Soft drinks are being provided by Eddie’s of Roland Park!

Wine is being provided by The French Paradox in Stevenson!

Follow updates here on the website, or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Next Door Roland Park)


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