Roland Avenue Update-DOT Announcement

To the Roland Park Community:

I’m very pleased to announce DOT Director Michelle Pourciau has decided to delay a decision about Roland Avenue modifications until DOT can conduct further studies. It’s good news that DOT decided not to pursue its preferred Option #1 or proceed with lane reductions without a careful impact analysis.

Director Pourciau listened to the many comments from the community that were made at the June 14th public meeting and subsequently submitted by e-mail during the input period.  She was also very impressed by the results of our recent RPCL poll and the compelling presentation of data as shown at the July 11th Civic League meeting.

Going forward, Director Pourciau will form a study group comprised of herself, Jon Laria, the Chairman of the Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Commission, myself, and a consultant to be hired with expertise in road design. Director Pourciau will work with this group to develop a revised  proposal and involve the community in the process.

In the meantime, before the end of summer, DOT will restore curbside parking in the 5100 block of Roland Avenue in front of Eddie’s (and looks to do the same in front of the library ), in front of St. David’s Church, and on the southbound side of the 4500 block near The Woman’s Club.

We appreciate Director Pourciau’s willingness to listen and to work with us to resolve the question of the future configuration of Roland Avenue, and commend her for this decision. We also benefitted from the efforts of Councilwoman Sharon Middleton and Council President Jack Young, who advocated on the community’s behalf.

Most importantly, I want to thank you, the residents of Roland Park, for being engaged in this issue. Whether through your attendance and thoughtful questions at our various meetings, or your participation in the recent survey, your comments and concerns have made a difference!

I will continue to update you all as new developments emerge.


Robert Connors, President
Roland Park Civic League

DOT Press Release July 19, 2018