Free Trees available for Civic League members

A selection of trees are available for fall planting.  Roland Park residents who are Civic League members and up-to-date with Roads & Maintenance dues can request a free tree.  The selection includes trees for the verge that will mature to become large trees adding shade and beauty to Roland Park streets.  A limited quantity of smaller shade and flowering ornamental trees for planting on personal property will also be available for free.  Tree planting is available by K&C Groundworks.  Residents who pay full Roads & Maintenance dues may qualify for a free planting along the verge area.  Other residents can have the tree planted for a fee of $80.  Residents will be billed once tree is planted.  {K&C Groundworks sets the tree planting price and is subject to change}

Please contact Kate Culotta for list of available trees and details on planting options. or


To be eligible for a free tree:

  • you must be a Roland Park Civic League member and up-to-date on dues with Roads & Maintenance.
  • Agree to care for and deeply water the tree for first 2 years until established.  Roland Park has been affected by the current drought.  Please continue to deeply water all trees and shrubs through fall.  Trees and shrubs continue to need water even when they go dormant during cold weather.
  • Keep tree mulched and free from weeds and debris.
  • Protect from deer browsing damage if applicable.
  • If you pay full R&M dues- 8X basic rate, you may have 1 tree planted in the verge area for free each year you pay full dues.
  • If you pay only the basic R&M dues, you will be responsible for planting the tree.
  • The cost to plant trees on personal property is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Landscape Committee can make planting arrangement with K&C Groundworks for adding a tree to personal property and the homeowner is responsible for paying tree planting fee once billed.

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